Monday, January 9, 2012

Rockin' The Sandwich

makes me happy.

Happy to report everyone is feeling 100% awesome again!

And appetites are back too! And you know what I love when I've got an appetite? I loves me a good sandwich (it was actually the only thing I can remember craving the last time I was pregnant).

This is my current favourite, but I'm actually pretty thrilled to eat any kind of sandwich that is made with whole foods and quality ingredients.

What do I mean by quality ingredients? I mean products that have as few preservatives and un-pronounceable things on the label as possible.

So this here bit of heaven is made up of Stonemill's sprouted grains and oatmeal bread, a slice of Maple Leaf's Natural Selections oven roasted turkey breast (which they preserve with sea salt, vinegar and lemon juice - goodbye nitrates!), a slice of emmental cheese, tomatoes, avocado, Dijon mustard and Nutrimax mayo.

Try it - thank me later!


Gwen Styles said...

Like you, I also really prefer eating whole, healthy, I-know-exactly-what's-in-this food. I've made a commitment to make more of my food at home instead of eating out, and to replace conveniene "junk" foods with healthy, homemade, creative alternatives.

The first thing on my hit list is beef jerky. I LOOOOOVE beef jerky, but reading the ingredients scares the ever lovin' heck out of me. Solution? I'm going to make my own jerky! All you need is some cow, a homemade marinade, a regular run of the mill oven and some patience.

I'll let you know how it turns out!

Anonymous said...

Uh-oh. I read this article today: and thought of your sandwich post. Sneaky Maple Leaf is getting their nitrites in there after all.

stacy said...

Anonymous - ME TOO! So frickin' brutal! It drives me mad that they can play like that. Can you imagine how crappy I feel for my unborn child now? Thank you for thinking to update me - much appreciated.