Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This Incredibly Benevolent Force

makes me happy.

The two mornings a week that Byrdie goes to pre-school for a couple hours usually boils down to an hour and a half of time for me to get stuff done around the house. Putting away toys, cleaning up the kitchen, preparing meals, and on really good days, I squeeze in a little bit of yoga.

Not this morning. Upon my return I noticed a magazine had been delivered and there was a warm cup of coffee in my hand, the fireplace was on and I had a great view of the morning snow storm from our breakfast bar.

So I sat down, and watched, and read, and sipped. It was 30 minutes of my own Aruba vacation.

Then, à la plastic bag scene in American Beauty , this happy face beach ball that never got put away for the winter started to dance above our pool.

It was mesmerizing.

And made me grateful that I have toys to pick up, a house to clean, a body to stretch, and meals to prep... for people I love.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Andy & Krista

make me happy.

Kevyn is in Aruba.

Byrdie and I are not. And as we rarely do things without each other, I've been missing him.

So to ease the heartache we've been sending each other lots of photos of our daily experiences.

I'm getting photos of lizards...

he's getting photos of Byrd(s).

In truth I wouldn't have had him miss this trip for the world...

his twin brother Andy was getting married!

And while I'm heartbroken not to be there to celebrate with them all, I'm over the moon that I've just gained a total, wicked, awesome, thoughtful, kind and giving sister-in law!

All our love.

Friday, February 24, 2012

A Gentleman

makes me happy.

This is me 30 weeks pregnant.

This is me with waaaay more broken blood vessels all over my body then the last pregnancy, a nose that is so stuffy I'm constantly whistling through it, a right arm that twitches if I lift it above 90°, a body that can't get comfortable at night and that must toss and turn terribly, crampy legs, a weak bladder, and in a constant state heart burn.

Truly all trivial in the big scheme of things, I mean, we're going to have another munchkin - awesome!

And yet, at the end of the day, it is still most wonderful to be married to this kind of man (the latter of course)...

A boy makes his girl jealous of other women. A gentleman makes other women jealous of his girl.

Found here.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

T-Minus Two Sleeps

makes me happy.

Kelly, Sandy and family move into their new home on Friday (barring any major last minute hiccups).

Can you even believe it?!?

I cannot.

They've been here for just over six months, which I'm sure will seem like a blink of an eye by this time next week but today, today it feels like... just over six months.

There were no blow-out, shake-down, can't-stand-the-sight-of-you issues or fights. It's just, everyone is ready to be in their own space, doing their own thing, on their own time.

I know this adventure has made us all better people, taught us the endless benefits of practicing patience, and how wonderful it is to think long and hard before you speak. Cause you know what? Speaking when you're fired up rarely gets the point across that you're hoping for.

I can't wait to show you some finished photos of the house, which probably won't be for a bit still as we are getting them in there with still many a projects to finish off. But they photos, when they do come, will be a testament to the unbelievable work of my father, Kevyn and Rob bringing Kelly & Sandy's thoughtful concept and design to fruition.

Until then... TWO. MORE. SLEEPS!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


makes me happy.

As I am having a hard time reaching my toes these days, and have no interest in taking care of my husband's toes if I can't even take care of my own,

we treated ourselves to a family pedicure on Sunday.

Bliss. Pure bliss.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Other Side of The Bed

makes me happy.

About that bickering I mentioned was going on last week,

there was one morning,

when I was half done through making the bed...

and I got distracted by some clothes that needed tending to.

It was at that same moment when Kev walked in the bedroom.

"What's up with that?!?" he questions,

"Are you really that angry with me?"

I wasn't and actually had no clue what he was talking about until I turned to look at what he was indignantly gesturing at.

I had only made my half of the bed.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Len, Cashius & Neita

make me happy.

Last week was a Put Your Head Down & Go kind of week.

It was busy.

And I like busy. I love my job. I love the direction and passion of Kevyn's new job. I love our opportunities to drive and grow the household finances.

But what I love even more is balance. Because, while last week was all necessary and profitable, it came at a cost. There was some bickering, there was another flu bug, there was general exhaustion, there was is an unkempt house. I'm sure I could go on but let me not bore you with the slipshod details.

My point is... what's the point?

A week here and there of that - no problem but, I've heard of people that can string together, not only weeks but months, even years of working at a frantic pace and I wonder, "At what cost?"

Your health? Your relationship? Your inner peace?

All 3 of these photos from our wedding contain images of souls who are no longer here with us.

And looking at them I think...

Improve your life situation by working hard? For certain!

Love what you already have even harder? Abso-frickin-lutely!

Happy Valentines Day.

Monday, February 13, 2012

7 Years

makes me happy.

Kev and I got married 7 years ago today.

I was trying to upload a TON of wedding photos as I know many of the people that celebrated our love with us that night still follow our little love story today by visiting us on this here blog.

Which in of itself is an AWESOME thing.

And I thought they might get a kick out of seeing themselves at our wedding.

But the upload was slooooooow.

And Firefox kept crashing.

And I'm really, really tired.

So here are 5.

Maybe I'll continue to post more this week.

And most importantly...

we're still writing this love story 7 years later and it just keeps getting better and better.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

To Infinity and Beyond

makes me happy.

Days around here are busy, awesome, non-stop, rewarding and exhausting.

By the time Byrd goes down to sleep the tank is next to empty.

Next to. I'm still managing to find enough in the reserves for some beautiful, awkward, quick, but-still-nice-to-be-close-to-you love making.

While showering and putting on sexy lingerie beforehand clearly is not happening these days there has been some other odd happenings as a result. The random appearance of Toy Story stickers on various body parts.

Two nights ago it was Buzz Lightyear on my back. Tonight it was Rex the dinosaur on Kevyn's lower pelvis.

Perhaps not sexy but certainly a little kinky, yes? Or as sheriff Woody might say...

That's not flying! That's was... falling with style!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Big Beautiful Moon Belly

makes me happy.

Did I tell you Kev got Apple TV for Christmas?

Love. It.

So we play music through his computer on it all the time and he usually runs a slide show of our photos from some random file.


Tonight he was running photos from our Flickr account.

Many of which were before kids.

In a way I felt so far removed from that couple in the photos and simultaneously close and connected to them.

Pregnancy, for me, is a bit of a weird thing. While I'm completely and utterly grateful to be pregnant, I'm not the woman that is in love with being pregnant.

So today I will enjoy the tickles and the kicks of the wee munchkin in my belly and know that it is virtual tomorrow when I will feel like the girl in the photos again.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Lyrics That Speak of Me

makes me happy.

When I heard this line in Wilco's song Whole Love I thought, 'Me too!'...

I'm as simple as a matter of fact.

Anyone else?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Knowing The Kleenx Is Overrated

makes me happy.

Every night when it's my turn to put Byrdie down to sleep I usually read to her for about 30 minutes, then get her into bed by singing a few songs, and wrap up our ritual by recapping our day and expressing my gratitude for all the wonderful moments we enjoyed.

Quite often the conversation will lead into me telling her about all thoughtful things I saw her doing that day, like... sharing. This is her favourite part of the conversation.

"More tells about sharing mommy," she begs.

Which I find so interesting because it is clearly one of the most challenging things for children to grasp at this age but, I'm guessing by her desire to hear about it in a positive way, over, and over, and over again, it is something she desperately wants to grasp.

So, on, and on, and on I go, trying whole heartedly to remember every single time she shared something with someone.

Clearly I know I'm reaching when, by the 25th tell about sharing, I say something to the effect...

"Well Byrdie, I wanted to tell you I thought it was very kind when you picked your nose and offered to share it with Evan but, really, no one wants to share your boogers so you should just wiped them on..."

She cuts me off, "Your shirt!"

"You got it Byrd - my shirt. Good night."

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Perfect Pickle

makes me happy.

On evenings I'm working I tell Byrdie before her afternoon nap that I'll be gone when she gets up but, Daddy will be here to play with her. Which, for the most part, she's totally fine with (I'm pretty sure they always have an awesome time together).

It's the days when I've worked a few shifts back to back or, as I learned last night, right before she closes her eyes for sleep that she vocalizes any disappointment in my absence.

As told by my husband, when he was saying his final I love yous and heading for her bedroom door last night, the Byrd murmured, "I want mommy."

His response, "Me too."

Lovely and heartbreaking at the same time.