Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Big Beautiful Moon Belly

makes me happy.

Did I tell you Kev got Apple TV for Christmas?

Love. It.

So we play music through his computer on it all the time and he usually runs a slide show of our photos from some random file.


Tonight he was running photos from our Flickr account.

Many of which were before kids.

In a way I felt so far removed from that couple in the photos and simultaneously close and connected to them.

Pregnancy, for me, is a bit of a weird thing. While I'm completely and utterly grateful to be pregnant, I'm not the woman that is in love with being pregnant.

So today I will enjoy the tickles and the kicks of the wee munchkin in my belly and know that it is virtual tomorrow when I will feel like the girl in the photos again.

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beans said...

i hear you 110%. i feel like 100 years away from my pre-pregnancy self but i know she's still in there somewhere! :)