Thursday, February 2, 2012

Knowing The Kleenx Is Overrated

makes me happy.

Every night when it's my turn to put Byrdie down to sleep I usually read to her for about 30 minutes, then get her into bed by singing a few songs, and wrap up our ritual by recapping our day and expressing my gratitude for all the wonderful moments we enjoyed.

Quite often the conversation will lead into me telling her about all thoughtful things I saw her doing that day, like... sharing. This is her favourite part of the conversation.

"More tells about sharing mommy," she begs.

Which I find so interesting because it is clearly one of the most challenging things for children to grasp at this age but, I'm guessing by her desire to hear about it in a positive way, over, and over, and over again, it is something she desperately wants to grasp.

So, on, and on, and on I go, trying whole heartedly to remember every single time she shared something with someone.

Clearly I know I'm reaching when, by the 25th tell about sharing, I say something to the effect...

"Well Byrdie, I wanted to tell you I thought it was very kind when you picked your nose and offered to share it with Evan but, really, no one wants to share your boogers so you should just wiped them on..."

She cuts me off, "Your shirt!"

"You got it Byrd - my shirt. Good night."

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