Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This Incredibly Benevolent Force

makes me happy.

The two mornings a week that Byrdie goes to pre-school for a couple hours usually boils down to an hour and a half of time for me to get stuff done around the house. Putting away toys, cleaning up the kitchen, preparing meals, and on really good days, I squeeze in a little bit of yoga.

Not this morning. Upon my return I noticed a magazine had been delivered and there was a warm cup of coffee in my hand, the fireplace was on and I had a great view of the morning snow storm from our breakfast bar.

So I sat down, and watched, and read, and sipped. It was 30 minutes of my own Aruba vacation.

Then, à la plastic bag scene in American Beauty , this happy face beach ball that never got put away for the winter started to dance above our pool.

It was mesmerizing.

And made me grateful that I have toys to pick up, a house to clean, a body to stretch, and meals to prep... for people I love.

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