Thursday, February 9, 2012

To Infinity and Beyond

makes me happy.

Days around here are busy, awesome, non-stop, rewarding and exhausting.

By the time Byrd goes down to sleep the tank is next to empty.

Next to. I'm still managing to find enough in the reserves for some beautiful, awkward, quick, but-still-nice-to-be-close-to-you love making.

While showering and putting on sexy lingerie beforehand clearly is not happening these days there has been some other odd happenings as a result. The random appearance of Toy Story stickers on various body parts.

Two nights ago it was Buzz Lightyear on my back. Tonight it was Rex the dinosaur on Kevyn's lower pelvis.

Perhaps not sexy but certainly a little kinky, yes? Or as sheriff Woody might say...

That's not flying! That's was... falling with style!

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