Monday, March 19, 2012

Coming Home From The Hospital

makes me happy.

I spent a good part of this afternoon in triage having doctors poke and prod, listen and feel, watch and monitor me.


Oh, you know, I kind of thought it was worth making an appointment with my obstetrician today after I waking up with through out the night last night with severe chest pain. It continued on until about 9am this morning with every deep breath I took.

So they made me an appointment, I saw him, he told me to go admit myself to the hospital - I could have a Pulmonary Embolism, aka a blood clot in my lungs.

Oh, how was that walk over to the hospital by myself?

Not fun.

I mean, tell an 8 month pregnant woman, with a two year at home, who is in the middle of home renovations with no nursery, that she may have a blood clot in her lungs and... you're going to get a few tears.

Called Kev, via my sister as he wasn't answering, got some words of support from them both, pulled myself together and admitted myself to the hospital.

Well, check that off of my list of things I don't need to do again.

But of course everyone at the hospital was great. And fairly quick. And, by the end of all that poking and prodding, seemed confident that it was not a blood clot (though on one ever did suggest what it could be) and I was on my way home.

Thankful, grateful, and doing my best to stay off google.

Though I did tell Kev if he noticed me not breathing tonight he should call 911.

He said he's got it covered.


Lemon Gloria said...

Scary! So sorry to hear that, but glad they ruled it out. It's exactly the kind of scare an eight month pregnant woman doesn't need.

Fit With Flash said...

ugh... i hate not feeling well and then checking web md only to find out i probably have cancer... ; )
glad you're ok and you look fabulous btw.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stacy,

Good to hear that you are fine! Take good care!

Chris ;-)

Angie said...

Glad to know you and the wee one (who is gonna be here so soon, I didn't realize!) are a-ok. lots of love and positive energy sent your way today and always.

Anonymous said...

Super SCAWIE! So glad you're ok. Did they say what it was? I had all kinds of weird pains when I was preggo. Good for you getting it checked out. Better safe than sorry. OX Be and Stay WELL