Friday, March 30, 2012

Four Weeks To Go

makes me happy.

Four weeks today this goose will be cooked and ready to serve!

I'm very much hoping we make it to the scheduled c-section on the 27th as there are still a million things to do in preparation. The good news is, on Monday, we begin a real focused effort to get those things done! Hopefully some fun renovation photos to follow.

Work has still been great. I really enjoy having the luxury being on my feet and moving around rather then sitting on my rear for 7 hours at a time.

Byrd is super excited and Kev has been as kind and helpful as always - except for the knee in the back this morning in bed but, he swears he has no recollection of it.

So... thumbs up all around this week!


beans said...

you look amazing! i hope these last 4 weeks go by quickly with lots of rest and happy anticipation :)

Lemon Gloria said...

So exciting! You look fantastic! I also have four weeks to go until my due date, but as I'm hoping for a VBAC...who knows about actual date?

I'm hoping the next four weeks are smooth and easy for you!