Monday, March 26, 2012

Playing The Superhero

makes me happy.

Soooo, this past Saturday night I was working away when an overwhelming feeling of nausea hit me.

I keep working through it thinking, 'Any minute this is going to pass.'

It did not. In fact it just kept getting stronger and I kept feeling worse.

I manage to make it till the almost very end of the night before finally asking to be excused early. Of course everyone was super helpful and sent me right on my way. Remember this subway ride from hell? A very similar ride home but with concern of the disaster launching from my mouth this time.

Luckily, again, I made it home without issue and thought a warm bath might calm the body down.

So Kev ran one for me, I got in, and started to feel better. For about 2 minutes.

"Ahhh - Kev, could you pass me the garbage pail?" I totally only asked for it as a precautionary measure while I got out and got over to the toilet.

Yeah, so as soon as I got that pail in my hands it was OVER!

What a sight I must have been to my poor husband! Extremely pregnant woman trying to lean over the tub, covered in bubbles, wrenching her guts out into a small green garbage pail.


But of course he made no issue of it. Helped me out of the tub when the right moment presented itself, got me over to the toilet, and draped a towel over my back while I continued my business.

And as I had at her in the toilet I couldn't help but feel like the towel was a cape on my back and it made me think 'Man, Catwoman ain't got nothing on me!'

I really need to stop writing about my bodily functions on this blog don't I?

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Anonymous said...

No you do NOT need to stop writing about anything, evar. You're awesome. Kev is awesome. Bird, also awesome. I love reading whatever you write and only you can put a positive spin on puking. Hope you're feeling better.