Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Down By The Pond

makes me happy.

The rest walked was also fairly awesome.

This guy paddled over to visit us.

And the kids thought that rocked.

And really wanted to pet him. Which I almost thought was going to happen until...

Bella came over and the swan started to hiss and loose his mind.

So what did my sister, who was on the other end of the leash, do?

Bring the dog closer of course.

She's hilarious.

And a nut.

And has way more reckless abandon for the rules then I.

Got to admit,

I'm pretty glad Byrd's got an Auntie like her.

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The Maiden Metallurgist said...

I'm a shit! I'm so far behind on my favorite blogs, but I spent time tonight catching up and I just wanted to say the house looks like its coming along, The Byrd is getting so big, and it sounds like you are ready to pop! Speedy and easy labor vibes to you beautiful mama! Thinking of you, even if I'm not showing my face!