Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hugs & Kisses From Big Sister

make me happy.

Tomorrow we become a family of 4!

It's hard to believe I could love anyone else the way I love the Byrd but,

from what I hear the, that's one of the best parts of growing your family - experiencing your love grow exponentially.

Let's do it!


Laura said...

awwww, love! sending lots of happy thoughts your way from savannah! everything will be ok. and by ok i mean AMAZING! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Good luck, be safe, try to enjoy every miraculous moment!

Tracy said...

All the best for baby number two! I look forward to seeing all the photos and hearing about how super easy the labour was for you :)

Darlene in Upstate NY said...

Best life ever gets better and better. All my best to you all!

Addie said...

It happens! Your heart just grows & grows! Congrats Stacy and enjoy your girls - I love mine like crazy!