Friday, April 20, 2012

The 110th Day of 2012

makes me happy.

You may remember from this post a few years back that April 19th and I tend to get along well.

I've noticed, over the years, that fun and exciting things tend to happen to me on the 19th of April.

The weather always seems to rock, sometimes The California Wine Tasting lands on the 19th, my favourite flowering tree is usually in bloom, it's Sammy's birthday, and hitting a Jay game is often a good option.

That was the option last night. And we didn't just hit it. Thanks to a very kind regular guest of mine, we killed from the first row behind home plate.

Yeah that's right, we be making out on tv!

Baby stayed in and let me enjoy this last night out for a while, and...

kev did the robot... a lot.


Lulu said...

Amazing!!! Lol!!!

best life said...

perfect example of happy life .
if you living life with full joy its mean you are justifying with it .

Liz Floyd said...

Stacy, your blogs make me smile and most of all laugh. I really enjoy coming across them on Facebook on a random basis! :)