Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Not So Spitting Similarities

make me happy.

About the same time Kev sent me this photo tonight, of the buddies he was out enjoying the Jay game with, I was in Stevie's room doing her last feeding of the night... for the third time.

The first time she threw up on me.

The second time I hardly gave her anything because I was afraid she was going to throw up on me.

And this, the third time I was also managing Byrdie who insisted on being in the room as well.

That was until she began playing with the floor register, in turn creating the opposite of the calm, dark, QUIET environment one hopes for when trying to put down a baby for the third time.

"Byrdie!" I whisper yell.

"Yeah?!?" she whisper yells back.

"Too loud!  Go do that somewhere else,"  I tell her.

"Okay," which was not the response I expected but, the one I got.

Off she trotted to the bathroom where she began playing with that floor register.  And while I could still hear her, it wasn't loud enough to disturb the baby and at least I knew what she was doing.

Two minutes later she stuck her head back in the nursery, "I'm done playing with the furnace thing."

"Cool," I sad "come back in here and sit down."

"Okay, I'm just going to go play with your scissors first," was what actually came out of her mouth before she turned to head back to the bathroom.

"BYRDIE!  BYRDIE!  BYRDIE! Come back here!" was what I actually yelled.

"Yeah?" her little face peeked around the corner.

"Please don't do that.  Please just go play in your room for mommy,"  I beg, still trying to remain calm and still enough to nurse the baby and hope she falls asleep.

"Are you mad?" she asks.

"No honey," I reply.

She pauses, I suppose wondering why I yelled at her if I wasn't mad, then asks...

"Did you want to play with your scissors mommy?"  

That's it!  There is no peace in this situation until I move these scissors!

As I stumble off to the bathroom with a baby attached to my breast, cursing myself, I wonder how I could have ever left scissors out in the first place.

Upon arrival I find... my tweezers sitting on the bathroom counter.

Fourth try and another hour later and everyone is safe and sound asleep.

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