Monday, June 25, 2012

Our Journey

makes me happy.

My computer is still acting waays.

I now can't even open my iPhoto without the whole computer freezing.

You can imagine how frustrating that may be for...

One of Those Girls Who Likes To Take Photos - 


I mean, I had a camera loaded with fun photos like these...

from Evan's 3rd birthday party on the weekend and...

no where to put them.

Until, my love, Kev broke down and put them on his computer.

And now,

on this 25th day of June,

Evan & Rose's birthdays,

the day we lost Michael Jackson,

and Farrah Fawcett...

('Poor Farrah,' Kevyn always says),

Kev and I are officially...


his computer.

Crazy - I know.

So I guess I also want to say,

on this 25th day of June



happy 14th anniversary babe - just remember, we didn't even own one computer back in '98!


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