Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rounding Out

makes me happy.

I usually get up in the morning, before everyone else, drink my lemon hot water and cayenne mix and unload the dishwasher.

This morning I drank my mix but didn't unload the dishwasher as, for whatever reason, it didn't get turned on last night.

I turned it on before Kelly, the kids, and I headed out on our CN Tower adventure.

After navigating many flights of stairs throughout our subway system with 2 strollers and 4 kids, collapsing Kelly's double stroller too many times to get through too small doorways, and listening to 3 toddlers ask if we're there yet from 10 feet out the door on, we made a round trip to the Tower and back home in 3 and 1/2 hours.

Evan, Byrdie, and Edison - bored in two minutes.

Stevie - upset about her ears popping.

Upon our return home, nobody in my house napped, the clean dishes were still filthy as the homemade carrot soup I made for lunch the day before, which I was sure all the children would love but actually hated, dried up and stuck on like glue, and Stevie cried the entire time I tried to prepare dinner.

But... I did love the morning adventure and how easy it was for Kelly and I to laugh off the speed bumps, the view from the CN Tower is still spectacular, I got to see my buddy Lu in the afternoon as she's doing the landscaping over at Kelly & Sandy's house,  Kev took both girls off my hands the second he was done work so I could finish off the marinade, and dinner ended up being quite tasty.

First World Problems unifying into one pretty sweet day.

*deep breathe sigh *

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