Tuesday, June 19, 2012

That It's Almost As Good As The Bride In The Ocean Shot

makes me happy.

A couple times recently Evan has come over to play at our house while Byrdie goes over and plays at his house.  I never mind having Evan here by himself because he plays really nicely with Byrdie's toys and his imagination.  He zroooms the cars around, has them talking to each other, and doing all kinds of stunts.  Kelly says Byrdie plays well without him around too.  I suppose they enjoy having a whole different set of toys to explore without interruption.

This afternoon, after his nap, Evan came out back and asked me where Byrdie was.

"Still napping," I told him.

"I want to see her," he informed me.

As it was time for her to get up anyway I said, "Okay, let's go!"

He ran through the house, into Byrdie's bedroom, where she ran lay sleeping, and shouted "Byride!"

As her eyes open and she realizes her best buddy Evie - Evster has come to awaken her a smile begins to break across her face.  But before it does Ev shouts...

"May I play with your cars?"  Already half way out the door with a double decker bus in one hand and Lightning McQueen in the other.

I think her heart might have broke a little.

But I told her, at least he was honest, and polite, two great qualities for a best buddy to have.

And his mom is nuts, in the best kind of way, which will also provide you with years of entertainment.

So let him come over and play with your cars it won't always be like that.

One day it'll be your girlfriends instead of your cars.

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