Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Patio Lanterns

make me happy.

Our friend Sammy threw a backyard fĂȘte this past weekend.

And there's something you need to know...

about when Sammy throws a party - 

she knows how to do it up right!

The invitation to attend almost comes with a guarantee that the atmosphere, food, and people...

are going to rock and a good time by all will be had.

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Team

makes me happy.

Sunday softball photo overload today!

Yup, I'm back playing softball on Sundays.  Actually have been since Stevie was 7 weeks old - and it couldn't be making me happier!  


It is a few glorious hours, a date afternoon, if you will, with my husband and most awesome buddies.

So grateful to be a part of it.  

So grateful for our league, all the other teams, our sponsors, our fans (we've got a couple!), and of course, all the babysitters that make it possible.

To The Team - thank you.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Marking It 80 Dude

makes me happy.

Not only are Kev and I doing laps in the pool this summer, but so are Kelly and Sandy too.

Just for fun I started a Lap Calendar, on which we each record how many laps we did that day.

Kelly says I make everything into a competition.

I say I'm just adding some fun and spirit to the game.

Motivation is like food for the brain.  You cannot get enough in on sitting.  It needs continual and regular top ups.

- Peter Davies

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Radio Waves & Steaks

make me happy.


on the very rare occasion,

we have dinner with baby monitors instead of babies.

Not going to lie,

these pretty awesome dinners.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Getting Pulled From The Crack

makes me happy.

Last night Byrdie was playing with her toy figurines quietly in her room before bed when she called me in a bit of a panic because she couldn't find the mommy one.

Not a problem as I'm now an expert at finding any one specific toy at any given moment in time, like any parent of a two year surely is.

Instantly my spidey senses tell me to pull  back the covers and look between the mattress and bed frame.

Like magic... there she is!

Byrdie is delighted, resumes her imaginary game, and immediately includes the mommy back in the mix.

"Oh sweetie," she has the mommy figurine say to the Byrdie figurine, "I missed you so much - I was just lost in the crack."

The Byrdie doll seemed to totally empathize with the mommy doll as I'm sure she too has been lost in the crack before.

Haven't we all?  And isn't it great when someone lends a hand to pull us out?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Recovered Photos

make me happy.

A few weeks back Al...

and Adel treated us to an outing at their local zoo.

Man, was it fun!

Tons of animals to see,


and feed,

at a very up close...

and personal distance.

I hadn't shared these because I thought they got lost in my iPhoto when it went crazy.

So very happy when I remember I had also loaded them on Kevyn's computer.

Happy, happy day!