Thursday, July 5, 2012

Going With The Guaranteed Choice

makes me happy.

Last night while lying in bed (no this photo is not from last night, these are still from the weekend when we did a lot of hanging in our bedroom and on our new stoop when we didn't have Evan and Edison),

I asked Kev to please try and listen a little bit closer when I'm talking with him.

I hear this is a common request from many wives who are tired of repeating themselves ONE THOUSAND TIMES  A DAY for toddlers and just can't bare to do it even one more time for her husband, yes?

I ask him this as I reach my leg across the bed and place my foot on his chest.

As if he's not listening to me Kev asks, "Would you like me to rub your feet?"

To try and stay on topic I reply, "Do I have to choose between a foot rub and listening?" 

"Yes."  he replied.

"It shouldn't be an either / or!" I demand.

"Well it is."  he smirks back, relishing in the moment, knowing that this is a next to impossible choice for me to make.

Man did my feet ever feel good this morning.

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