Thursday, July 19, 2012

Using The Fork Handle

makes me happy.

As Stevie nears the 3 month mark (July 27th) things are really starting to jug along nicely. In her crib and asleep by 8pm (usually), feedings at night take only 20 minutes (or so), and in general Stevie an easy going, healthy, and happy baby.

When baby is happy, mommy is happy.

And when baby gets more sleep so does mommy.

Which then allows me the mental capacities to focus more on my diet and shed the last 5 of my baby pounds.

A can of sardines with sunflower seeds has been a go to lunch of mine for years but I got really turned off them during this last pregnancy. Since I know how good they are for me, and actually quite satisfying as a light lunch, I really wanted to work the little fishys back into my routine but wasn't positive my taste for them had returned.

So I reach for a can, peel off the wrapper, and... break the tab.

Really?  Really!?!

Yes, really.  Apparently these 5lbs aren't going to just going to melt away, I'm going to have to really want to lose them.

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