Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Birthday Season

makes me happy.

Cousin Victoria officially kicked off Birthday Season around these parts here on Saturday!

Anyone else have a whole whack of family and friend birthdays all within a six week period?

We do.  It's right around now.  And I love it.

For sure the kids have a lot to do with my new found love of birthday celebrations.  They just get so into it!

From Victoria's birthday we rolled into Kevyn's birthday today.

Even the adult birthday's are fun around here now because it's an excuse to get a cake and...

watch the kids reactions when you bring it out -

"Holy F#@$ there's CAKE!"

Even Stevie did a second take.

Then you watch them sing, sing, sing, as fast as they can.

Encourage the guest of honour to "Blow!  Blow!  Blow, as fast as you can Uncle Kevyn!"

So they can eat, eat, eat, all the cake.

It's the best.

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