Friday, August 17, 2012

Echo Beach In August

makes me happy.

Up until yesterday, since Stevie was born almost 4 months ago, I had yet to take an afternoon nap.

Instead, on the occasions when both girls napped at the same time, I had been opting to clean the kitchen, prep dinner, or maybe squeeze in some yoga or laps.

Part of my aversion to trying to nap when you have a new born is that you never know how long they're going to nap for.  Could be fifteen minutes.  Could be an hour and fifteen minutes.

But if I actually get in a horizontal position and my mind commits to shutting 'er down for an hour or so and it doesn't happen (read: the baby wakes up in 10 minutes), I feel so ripped off and waaaaay more tired then if I had just kept going.

So no naps.

Until yesterday.

The day after I planted myself in the front row of the...

My Morning Jacket concert here in Toronto and rocked out for 2 straight hours.

I needed that nap like nobody's business!  The ol' bod - she ain't 21 no more and was painin'... bad.

So I got those two munchkins in bed with me yesterday afternoon, told them it was a group nap, dared to close my eyes, and guess what?   No one made a peep for two hours.


Exactly like the concert.

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