Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pushing My Perspective Positively

makes me happy.

Much in the same way I enjoy counting my laps; counting my daily push ups, I too enjoy.

In a previous life of mine I wouldn't dare go to bed without a minimum of 30 push ups under my belt for the day.

That hasn't always been the case as of late.

And on the days it isn't happening I'm finding myself lying in bed thinking about what I hadn't done that day and hoping about what I get done tomorrow. Basically spending precious moments of the present living in the past and the future.  Lost moments indeed.

So this is my new thing - every time I get the opportunity to do a set of push ups, I do them like the are the ONLY push ups I'm going to get to do that day, so they better be perfect and I better use every single muscle I possibly can.

Changing the amount of time I have available to do random exercises in a day might not be possible for a few more years but, changing the way I think about and use the time I do have available is instant and gratifying.

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