Thursday, August 9, 2012

That Shining Light

makes me happy.

Aunt Shirley was over the other day.

Have I ever told you how awesome she is? Very.

And that she's not really my aunt, rather one of my parent's best friends. Doesn't matter.

Shirley has been a member of our family since I can remember and has always been a real role model and inspiration in my life.

All the things I talk about here; living in the moment, being positive, living without regret, she does with ease.

That night, after Shirley had left and I was putting Byrdie to bed, we were talking about our day and she said to me, "Mom, Shirley's a nice lady."

"The nicest." I replied.

Byrd sat there looking at me for a minute, seemingly thinking about what I just said, so I added, "You know, you could grow up and be exactly like Aunt Shirley if you wanted to."

I know the last statement was lost on her but, not me.

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