Monday, August 20, 2012

Those Chilly November Nights

make me happy.

The birthday celebrations continue!

The photo above is the kids celebrating T's 2nd birthday on Friday.

Saturday we headed out to Niagara in two vehicles to celebrate Cole's 1st.  Byrdie wanted to ride with Evan & Edison so Kelly & Sandy took her with them while Stevie and I followed behind.  An hour and fifteen minutes into the drive I had to pull out of the bumper to bumper traffic we were stuck in and off the highway to check on the poor little munchkin in the back who wouldn't stop crying (I think we've got some teething action).  Sitting in a Costco parking lot halfway between Niagara and Toronto with the babe in my arms I had a melt down of my own trying to decide if I should keep heading west or turn back to Toronto.  The east won out and Stevie and I spent exactly two and a half hours in the car to go no where.  Bummer.  Byrd had a blast though.

Sunday was Byrdie's actual birthday so there were more presents and cake.

And today is my dad's big day - happy birthday Daddy-o!

All these August birthdays have got me seriously considering taking up decoupage this fall as I know first hand what can happen when the temperature drops and people get cozy by the fireplace.


Kate said...

2 summer babies over here too!

Burlington Costco? :)

stacy said...

you know it sister - brant street!