Tuesday, August 28, 2012

When They're Down With OPT

makes me happy.

The birthday celebrations continue!

This one was for Sophia who was turning 4!  There she is on the left hand side, clasping her hands in delight at the sight of her cake.

You would too if your cake looked like that!

I think it's going to be a while before I loose interest in taking photos of kids and cake;

it just cracks me up how much they dig it!

Also, we've come to the conclusion our children enjoying playing with OPT (Other People's Toys) better then their own - is this a universal phenomenon?

And lastly, you'll be happy to know Stevie made it to the party this weekend!  

She looks pumped, yes?  Sandy too!

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Lemon Gloria said...

Yes, OPTs are much, much more enticing. Also for my son, Other People's Food - always more interesting, even if it's the same as on his plate. "Nanna, want to trade plates?" He does this all the time.

And, hi!