Friday, September 28, 2012

Leaving Wanting To Go Back

makes me happy.

We took the kids to Springridge Farms today and...

it was so much fun!

While pumpkins were what initially attracted us to the farm

there were

so many other

awesome things to do

that we

never actually

made it

over to

the pumpkin patch.

Clearly another trip

will be in order!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Husband Behind The Lens

makes me happy.

Kev just recently joined the Instargram party (yesterday) and posted this photo of Stevie and I (today).

When he showed me I thought, 'Hey - a photo of me!  Weird.'

I used to totally enjoy setting the timer on my camera, balancing it in some awkward position and taking Ye Ol' Self Portrait.

And I was...

pretty darn...

good at it,

if I do say so...


Suddenly inspired, I interrupted dishwasher duty this afternoon and gave it a shot.

Clearly, I do better with practice.

One day I will flex that muscle again.  One day.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

With Friends & Family

makes me happy.

Of course,

you would be correct to assume,

I'd be interested in seeing.

I was; and I did.

It was great.  Many of the theories presented about the science of happiness in the movie  I had heard before but,  repetition is the key to learning (who was the teacher at Richview that always said that ?!?).

One of my favourites?

Did you know that relationships are the biggest controllable factor of one's happiness?

They are.

Now go hug someone.

Monday, September 24, 2012

All Those Legs

make me happy.

This little video makes my heart sing.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pool Season 2012

makes me happy.

I took these photos in the pool last Thursday and we haven't been in since.

When one entire week passes without a single swim I know we're quickly approaching operation Shut Down.

Not too much to say about that except; what a wonderful, long, hot pool season it was!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kevyn - 1 Stacy- 0

makes me happy.

I often make scrambled eggs for the family in the morning.

They are nothing special;  a little salt and pepper and perfectly fried.

When I slide the eggs on to our plates from the pan it is virtually spotless;  not even a smudge of egg left in the pan.

Not so the case when my husband makes eggs.  Tasty as they may be (very) the pan is a disaster after the fact.

Not one to stick my nose in someone else's egg-making-business I waited until I was asked why my pan ends up spotlessly clean while his ends up a burnt on mess.

"You have to let the pan heat up to a perfect medium!" I blurted out as I finally had the chance to tell him.

"Hmmmm."  he replied, seemingly suspicious.

And yet, even with the hot fry pan knowledge I had bestowed upon Kevyn, his scrambled egg fry pan continued to look like it had got in a fight with an angry piece of sponge toffee.

Finally, this past Saturday he asked again, "Why don't your eggs stick?"

S - "Because I heat the frying pan up first!"

K - "I do too!"

S - "Clearly you don't."

K - "Yes I do!"

S - "Don't they don't stick if you heat it up first."

K - "Listen Stacy, do you really think I want to continue scrubbing burnt scrambled eggs off your Green Earth Ceramic Pan with a non-abrasive sponge and natural cleaners!?!  My own personal hell!!!"

S - "My bad.  I have no idea then."

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Totally Unrelated Photo

makes me happy.

My hair is falling out like crazy!

I'm sure I must have many more exciting and delightful things to write about but, they are currently escaping me.

Perhaps I lost them when I lost that last mitt full of hair in the shower yesterday.

Kev thought there was some new gigantic creepy crawler living in our house when he happened upon that bundle of loose locks! Scared as he was, I'm sure a wave of gratitude must have breezed over him, as picking up a pile of hair off the side of the tub is much easier then snaking the pipes if that were to have gone down the drain.

Still, I wish I had remembered to clean it up myself - no one needs to see that.  Not even the man who seems to fall more in love with me daily regardless, of the amount of hair that falls from my head.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Tripping In The Moment

makes me happy.

It has been my experience that life with a newborn requires one to accept the fact that certain things which used to get accomplished and tended to on a regular basis now...  will not.

Simple things like sweeping the kitchen floor, which used to get done everyday now... does not.

Or as my friend Marla would say, "You lower your standards and then you don't even realize those lowered standards - it feels brutal."


So you know what I did this week?

Lived in the moment.  Kept my mind focused on the joy of holding a baby, the peace of reading books to the Byrd, and the pleasure of hearing their laughs and eating dinner all together.

And you know how that all felt?

Exactly the opposite of brutal.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Nothing Playdate

makes me happy.

You know what is an underrated playdate?

The one where you and your girlfriend have nothing planned except to hang out together with your kids.

As it seems, when you have nothing really planned for them; kids simply act like kids.

Which can, all of a sudden, make banging your water gun a metal bench super awesome!

See smiles above as proof.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What's His Name

makes me happy.

This is the Byrd yesterday on her way to her very first gymnastics class.

I say very first because there's a slight chance she may like gymnastics a lot, her mommy sure did, and there could be years of gymnastics in our future.

Or we could be bored with it by January and that'll be that.

Evan is taking the class too and on the drive there we got stopped in a long left hand turn lane with a man and a sign asking for money right beside us.

I tend to give people who are asking for money money and  Kelly knows this about me.

After reading his sign she said, "Maybe we should give Bob money.  He did bless us."

"Huh?  Who's Bob?"  I ask.

"He is," Kelly replied, "Says right there on his sign - Hungry.  Need money for food.  Bob bless you."

When I looked closer the 'G" of the word 'God' on his sign it totally did look like a 'B' and I started cracking up.

Kelly had made a good funny!  Bob Bless You.  

It was almost  as funny as when we realized the 'd' on 'God' looked nothing like a 'b' and that would have made his name 'Bod.'

Any which way, we were feeling very blessed.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Round 1

makes me happy.

So what do you do with 60 litres of homemade tomato sauce?

Well... a good place to start might be by spreading it on slices of toasted baguette, topping it with buffalo mozzarella, drizzling olive oil over it, and cracking some salt and pepper on it.


invite a friend over to share it with.

Maybe one who...

has the effortless knack of making...

your three year old feel really special, and...

will read you naughty stories once said 3 year old is in bed!

Friday, September 7, 2012

60 Litres of Love

makes me happy.

Another thing we did this weekend that just passed was jar 60 litres of homemade tomato sauce!

That's right Sandy, you better pull up those shorts, this is going to require...


And don't expect much from these guys.

All they're wondering is, "Is that our bowling pin and...

when can we...

go swimming?!?"

So we swapped out munchkin duty for jarring duty all weekend long and...

the boxes slowed filled with a brilliant red liquid of love.

Turn off the barbeque, we be ready for winter!

Well in terms of what we're going to eat we're ready, but really, how about the sun just keeps shining and we run summer right into October.  Then... maybe then, I'll be ready for winter.