Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Totally Unrelated Photo

makes me happy.

My hair is falling out like crazy!

I'm sure I must have many more exciting and delightful things to write about but, they are currently escaping me.

Perhaps I lost them when I lost that last mitt full of hair in the shower yesterday.

Kev thought there was some new gigantic creepy crawler living in our house when he happened upon that bundle of loose locks! Scared as he was, I'm sure a wave of gratitude must have breezed over him, as picking up a pile of hair off the side of the tub is much easier then snaking the pipes if that were to have gone down the drain.

Still, I wish I had remembered to clean it up myself - no one needs to see that.  Not even the man who seems to fall more in love with me daily regardless, of the amount of hair that falls from my head.


sandra said...

The Joys of Having Children!!!

Erika said...

That happens to me too! 4 months after both kids and my hair falls out in clumps!! I have gotten into the habit of brushing it out on the deck after I shower :)
Your girls are adorable.

stacy said...

sandra & erika - you know it!

this has been going on for about a month now, i am really hoping it stops soon.