Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kevyn - 1 Stacy- 0

makes me happy.

I often make scrambled eggs for the family in the morning.

They are nothing special;  a little salt and pepper and perfectly fried.

When I slide the eggs on to our plates from the pan it is virtually spotless;  not even a smudge of egg left in the pan.

Not so the case when my husband makes eggs.  Tasty as they may be (very) the pan is a disaster after the fact.

Not one to stick my nose in someone else's egg-making-business I waited until I was asked why my pan ends up spotlessly clean while his ends up a burnt on mess.

"You have to let the pan heat up to a perfect medium!" I blurted out as I finally had the chance to tell him.

"Hmmmm."  he replied, seemingly suspicious.

And yet, even with the hot fry pan knowledge I had bestowed upon Kevyn, his scrambled egg fry pan continued to look like it had got in a fight with an angry piece of sponge toffee.

Finally, this past Saturday he asked again, "Why don't your eggs stick?"

S - "Because I heat the frying pan up first!"

K - "I do too!"

S - "Clearly you don't."

K - "Yes I do!"

S - "Don't they don't stick if you heat it up first."

K - "Listen Stacy, do you really think I want to continue scrubbing burnt scrambled eggs off your Green Earth Ceramic Pan with a non-abrasive sponge and natural cleaners!?!  My own personal hell!!!"

S - "My bad.  I have no idea then."

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