Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Husband Behind The Lens

makes me happy.

Kev just recently joined the Instargram party (yesterday) and posted this photo of Stevie and I (today).

When he showed me I thought, 'Hey - a photo of me!  Weird.'

I used to totally enjoy setting the timer on my camera, balancing it in some awkward position and taking Ye Ol' Self Portrait.

And I was...

pretty darn...

good at it,

if I do say so...


Suddenly inspired, I interrupted dishwasher duty this afternoon and gave it a shot.

Clearly, I do better with practice.

One day I will flex that muscle again.  One day.


Mike and Kate said...

Love the sneak peek of your kitchen -would love to see more of the new house!

Laura said...

so beautiful! <3 still sendin' love from the south....!