Friday, September 14, 2012

Tripping In The Moment

makes me happy.

It has been my experience that life with a newborn requires one to accept the fact that certain things which used to get accomplished and tended to on a regular basis now...  will not.

Simple things like sweeping the kitchen floor, which used to get done everyday now... does not.

Or as my friend Marla would say, "You lower your standards and then you don't even realize those lowered standards - it feels brutal."


So you know what I did this week?

Lived in the moment.  Kept my mind focused on the joy of holding a baby, the peace of reading books to the Byrd, and the pleasure of hearing their laughs and eating dinner all together.

And you know how that all felt?

Exactly the opposite of brutal.


Addie said...

Thanks Stace for this! I had one of those moments today about an hour ago! Toys everywhere, dishes in the sink, laundry folded but not put away... I can't function. But once I stepped away, drove the girls to school (and watched them interact with their friends and got some much needed cuddles and the ego-soothing reluctant goodbyes), when I came home again it didn't seem so bad at all...

Great words of wisdom from our friend Marla too : )

Cheers! Addie

stacy said...

exactly Addie - in the big picture the girls are everything and everything else is nothing!

good to hear from you. love that wedding photo you posted yesterday.