Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What's His Name

makes me happy.

This is the Byrd yesterday on her way to her very first gymnastics class.

I say very first because there's a slight chance she may like gymnastics a lot, her mommy sure did, and there could be years of gymnastics in our future.

Or we could be bored with it by January and that'll be that.

Evan is taking the class too and on the drive there we got stopped in a long left hand turn lane with a man and a sign asking for money right beside us.

I tend to give people who are asking for money money and  Kelly knows this about me.

After reading his sign she said, "Maybe we should give Bob money.  He did bless us."

"Huh?  Who's Bob?"  I ask.

"He is," Kelly replied, "Says right there on his sign - Hungry.  Need money for food.  Bob bless you."

When I looked closer the 'G" of the word 'God' on his sign it totally did look like a 'B' and I started cracking up.

Kelly had made a good funny!  Bob Bless You.  

It was almost  as funny as when we realized the 'd' on 'God' looked nothing like a 'b' and that would have made his name 'Bod.'

Any which way, we were feeling very blessed.

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