Monday, October 1, 2012

Having A Few Things Worth Watching

makes me happy.

When Kev and I go to bed at night,

around 8pm these days,

he usually puts something on tv and I pass out almost immediately; with the exception of Seinfeld or Arrested Development, of course.

I like my steaks rare and my tv funny.  Period.

Kev?  Well, Kev sometimes likes the violent stuff.  As much as I'd love to get into Breaking Bad, the violence simply destroys me.

But, because Kev's so thoughtful,  or because I go CRAZY when something loud or violent on tv wakes me up from sleep, he will turn on the closed captions and watch his show virtually on mute.

The other night, while his show wasn't loud or obnoxious, something woke me and I turned to the screen.

There be a big, jolly looking hippopotamus playing in the water with the closed caption underneath reading...

Breathing Heavy
Moaning Loudly

Three of my favourite things to do!

Planet Earth - add that to the list of shows I'll stay awake for!

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