Monday, October 29, 2012

Not Being Overly Fearful

makes me happy.

I had a very funny group texting moment this morning with my sister and two of our girlfriends.

Our one girlfriend, we'll call her Girlfriend B, started it off by telling us she 'has been thinking about packing an emergency kit every month and has yet to do it - now's the time!'.

Barely awake, I inquire, 'What made you think of that - the storm?'

I mean, I had heard something about a storm but really wasn't sure what the deal was.

"Yes..." Girlfriend B replies, "And then I'm going to dig a biiiig hole in the backyard!"

Girlfriend A warns her about the pool buried in her backyard and inquires if she needs a shovel.

Sister Kelly 'lol's and I tell everyone I'm just going next door if the shit hits the fan and bunk out over there (Sister Kelly is always stocked to the tits with goodies!).

Girlfriend A says she's in and will bring the wine and Girlfriend B gets on board and offers to bake a cake.

I tell everyone, 'Glad we hashed this out!'  and didn't think about it again until Timmy shared this clip...

 We're totally those arses in the background.

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