Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Playing Off The Turkey

makes me happy.

The other night, around 2am, Kev sat up and started making this really loud clicking noise with his tongue and teeth.

Like, angry loud.

Startled, I sat up and questioned what was going on.

"Shine your light over there!"  Kev demanded as he pointed across the room.

I grabbed my phone, turned it on, and aimed it to where he was pointing.

Kev looked, clearly did not see what he had expected to see, and proceeded to lie back down.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa guy, what was that all about!?!"  I implore.

"I thought someone was trying to steal the rebar." Kev responds matter of fact-ly.

Wow, someone's got house building on the mind, I think to myself.  Then out loud I say, "Oh.  I thought you were trying to shush away a big spider?"

Clearly annoyed by how far off my deduction was from his truth, Kev snapped back at me,

"Stacy, I don't even know if spiders have ears!"

To that, there is no worthy retort.

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Fit With Flash said...

LOL Oh, the sleep convo. classic. At least you were able to remember it all. I can never remember what was said during the middle of the night. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!