Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Timmy's Turn

makes me happy.

It is often suggested in our culture that there is a singular, preferred way to raise a family.

While Kev and I have chosen to take that more traditional route I certainly don't believe it's the only way to raise a successful family.

In fact, I actually believe living together as husband and wife, has it's very own set of challenges.

Like the need for constant communication.  And not just communication about logistics.

No, when a man and woman decide to raise a family together there is endless communication about feelings and tones, delivery and misunderstood meanings.  Because, by now, we all know that men and women simply communicate differently.  Period.

Kev is actually very good at ensuring that, not only are these conversations are had but, that we grind them out until the air is clear and all participating parties are winning.

It is our belief that children need to see their parents play fair, listen to each other, and always speak with respect and kindness.

After all, if we can't manage to do this, be it between a husband and wife, gay or straight, living together or not, how can we ever except it of our children?

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