Friday, November 9, 2012

Climbing The Corporate Ladder

makes me happy.

As all parents know, raising toddlers is NOT without it's challenges.

In fact, I find it so challenging at times that I second guess everything I'm doing!

But I keep trucking along, talking to other parents, and reading lots of books, articles and blogs to help lead me in the right direction.

I found this via A Cup of Jo last week and while I enjoyed the entire article point #3 particularly spoke to me and my parenting style...

 Respond in the moment, calmly, like a CEO.  Finding the right tone for setting limits can take a bit of practice. Lately, I’ve been encouraging parents that struggle with this to imagine they are a successful CEO and that their toddler is a respected underling. The CEO corrects the errors of others with confident, commanding efficiency. She doesn’t use an unsure, questioning tone, get angry or emotional. Our child needs to feel that we are not nervous about his behavior, or ambivalent about establishing rules. He finds comfort when we are effortlessly in charge.
Lectures, emotional reactions, scolding and punishments do not give our toddler the clarity he needs, and can create guilt and shame.  A simple, matter-of-fact “I won’t let you do that. If you throw that again I will take it away” while blocking the behavior with our hands is the best response. But react immediately. Once the moment has passed, it is too late. Wait for the next one!

After all,  I couldn't imagine a more important job to be a successful CEO at.

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