Thursday, December 27, 2012


makes me happy.

For The End of The World / My Favourite Day of The Year / The Christmas Season, and most importantly, Kelly's 40th Birthday we decided to throw a party!

With each detail being carefully managed by our dear friend Samantha of Picturesque Events the stage was set for an incredibly fabulous night.

And when the people, the very, very special people came, and graciously brought their love and joy with them... the night magically exploded!

Thank you everyone.

As seen by me...



Anonymous said...

No one wants to see blurry pictures...why post them?

stacy said...

hey anonymous - the photos are actually out of focus not blurry. i did it on purpose due to low light and because I like the way they look. i also know others that like the way they look and enjoy seeing them, that's why i posted them. please feel free to never stop by again as chances are good i will post more in the future. cheers.