Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Day Before The First Night I Slept In Her Bed

makes me happy.

Remember the other day when I was banging on about how excited I was for the holiday season?

And how we had our first Christmas party of the season to attend on Sunday?

So pumped were we, that we actually got the party started on Sunday morning with a lovely brunch...

in celebration of Nana's birthday.

While Kevyn's suggestion to pair my eggs Benedict with a  Blanche De Chambly (talking Beir Markt brunch here!) did not disappoint; realizing your 3 year old is coming down with the flu before your eyes does.

By the time we got home from brunch Byrd was a bundle of discombobulated cells.

As were my plans for going out that evening.

But there was no way both of us were going to miss this party.

Anne and Ian are two of the most wonderful people,

with the best energy,

who attract some of the most marvellous people into their lives that it would have been a shame if one of us didn't go; if not only to return with tales of love and joy for the other.

And he did.

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Anonymous said...

Good on you Mom!