Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Way He Snows

makes me happy.

Last night, the three of us (Kevyn, Byrdie, and myself) were lying in bed enjoying Seinfeld Aristocats when Kev and I managed to fall asleep before our 3 year old daughter.

 What can I say? The kid's got energy.

 And I have no problem falling asleep before Byrdie, I'm exhausted at 8pm - I feel no shame.

 What I do have a problem with is when she wakes the both of us by loudly instructing her father to "Stop snowing!"

 "Stop snowing?!? Who's a what now?" I inquire.

 "Snowing! Snowing!  The sound that's coming out of his face!"

 "Oh, snoring! Okay Byrdie, if you'd like daddy to stop snoring just ask him politely... and quietly enough that you don't wake mommy."

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