Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wanting It That Easy

makes me happy.

Over Christmas Byrdie, Stevie, and myself got really, really sick.

I'm talking fever, chills, coughs, and enough snot to build an entire other person.

It wasn't a nice thing especially for Stevie, who had no way of easing her congestion by blowing her nose.

Those 10 days really messed with her sleep as she couldn't breath and I was very quick to crib every time she woke, often nursing her back to sleep.

We're all back in tip top health now but, somehow awesome habits (like seeing mommy 3 times a night) apparently die hard.

Also, while at Great Wold Lodge, Byrdie encountered a talking tree and has since been waking every night to tell us she doesn't want to see the talking tree again but does want to sleep in our bed.

When we concede (which we always do) and bring her into our room, she somehow manages to occupy 85% of the bed and runs about as hot as my husband in cottage country mid-August (you know- HOT!).

You must know by now how little time I have for complaining, so please try to recognize my next statement is not so much a complaint as it is a fact; I'm exhausted.

And while I long for sleep by 8pm, I've also begun to fear it all at the same time.

What will the night hold?  How many times will I have to get up?  For which child? And for how long?

Remember sleep - it was Tupac that said '...tease me, I don't want it if it's that easy.' not me!

I want it easy - really, really easy.

Please and thank you.

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