Tuesday, April 2, 2013

24 Hours With My Girlie Friends

makes me happy.

Saturday around noon, Kelly and...

I set off on a 24 hours adventure with...

Sammy and Debbie to the Westin Blue Mountain.

It was my first 24 hours away from Stevie and I had big plans to...

SLEEP for at least 6 hours in a row.

Although, said sleep, would have to wait until after we checked into the Scandinave Spa for massages,

followed by a sunset dip...

in their hot baths,

cold plunges,

and a rest in eucalyptus steam room.

Divine indeed.

Back a the hotel there was a chilled bottle...

(or six) of champagne waiting for us, 

along with a ridiculous amount of cheese and a deck of cards.

Fun and games ensued.

It wasn't until around 1am when I decided it was time to get that sleep in and the girls decided it was time to take the party to the bar.

Which meant the next morning I not only woke up well rested but...

also totally entertained by the hysterical tales of adventures had.

Truly, twenty four hours well spent!

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