Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bird Poop & All

makes me happy.

A typically evening around here, after the girls are in bed, usually involves any number of the follow activities...

  *  love making
  *  sun saluting
  *  couch sitting
  *  music listening
  *  card playing
  *  laundry folding
  *  tv watching
  *  web surfer
  *  blog writing

It's no coincidence that blog writing appears at the bottom of that list.

It's not that I don't want to blog.  I do!  I very much do.

It's just by the time we get to that couch sitting, blog writing stage of the evening, my brain is spent and I have no recollection of the brief moment of  brilliance that came to me 8 hours ago while mashing up avocados, humming the Bubble Guppies, and thinking "Oh - I should blog about that."

Blank.  Totally blank.

So instead, I don't blog, or I blog about not having anything charming to blog about.

Except that... it's also no coincidence love making appears at the top of the list.

Which makes everything all good - you know?

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