Wednesday, July 31, 2013


makes me happy.

Over the last 15 years together Kev has taken any chance he could get to tell me what a really great year 1973 was.

Argue, I do not.

I mean, we're talking about the year that released...

The Dark Side of the Moon,

Houses of the Holy,

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,

Band on the Run, and...

Kevin and Andy onto this fine planet of ours.

A very

good year


Tomorrow Kevin will turn 40 and has decided to become officially ordained as a Dudeist Priest,

where in which,

he shall vow to

uphold the principles of Dudeism:   

to take it easy,

to be dude (easygoing)

to everyone he meets,

and to keep his mind 


Sounds like I...

choose wisely.

Happy Birthday Brothers Billington!

Much love.

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