Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Few Nice Words

make me happy.

A couple weeks back I received a message from our friend Maria, who is married to Johnny Sunshine (seen in the photo above on the right), telling me of some wonderful and exciting news.

Sunshine, as many of us like to call him, and I spent many years working Friday and Saturday nights together (along with another dozen other cool cats who, still to this day, play an integral part in helping fill my yearly Laughing and Smiling quota) slinging drinks over a bar.

As many a bartender does, Sunshine would often wax-poetic about his dreams and ambitions beyond the bar, over a pint after our shift.

While I cannot remember exactly when or why but, while conversing with my father one day I'm guessing I must have said something nice about Sunshine and perhaps mentioned his desire for new opportunities.

The finer details of what happened next belong to dad and Sunshine but, shortly there after, Sunshine was no longer running the wood with me in the middle of the night, as he had taken to climbing the corporate ladder at dawn in the same office as my dad.

Which brings me to this wonderful and exciting message from Maria that read something like this...

Staceeeeey....I thought you knew. That was what I wanted to talk to you about. Johnny got a position in Miami.  This is all because of you Stace. You saw something in Johnny and gave him the break he needed. I wanted to thank you and your family in person. Your Father mentored him and was such a great influence in his life. I'm getting all emotional....

Johnny was a hard worker way-back-when so it was no surprise to hear he continued to strive and succeed once he had moved on to other endeavours.

They say luck happens when preparation meets opportunity.

I realize Sunshine's luck was 99% a result of his preparation but, it certainly feels awesome to think my father and I played a small part in it by presenting him with an opportunity.

Which all began with a few nice words.

A simple enough way to live - yes?

All the very best Sunshines!

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