Thursday, November 7, 2013

Those Extra 2KMs

make me happy.

I routinely have moments throughout the day when I think to myself, "How the snaps did we manage to make that happen?!?", like in the best way possible.

Those are my 'rockstar moments.'

That I have walked Byrdie to school every single morning (less one),

and that Kev, or I, or often both have walked her home from school every single afternoon,

 blows my mind.

I mean,

who is lucky enough...

to get to do that?!?


That's who.

1 comment:

Laura said...

ya'll are definitely rock star parents, no doubt. ;) isn't it amazing: the passage of time, the seeming overwhelmingness of it all sometimes and yet the true loveliness & simplicity that lies within these days? ahh, parenthood. you capture & emphasize this nicely. keep warm way up there! xo.