Thursday, February 13, 2014

Nine Years of Routine

makes me happy.

While we certainly weren't sticking to a hard and fast schedule while on vacation, I still did find it useful to fall into some sort of daily routine to keep the things humming along nicely.

For us, that routine shaped up something like; Chris would get up in the morning, go have her morning tea, enjoy her book and the morning breeze in the courtyard while we wrestled the kids out of bed and into some clothes.

We'd all meet for breakfast and then Chris would take the girls to play in the park or go for a morning swim.

Kev and I would divide that hour alone together between the room (7 minutes) and...

the espresso bar (53 minutes).

Talk about gratitude that my husband, on this, our 9th wedding anniversary, still wants to spend 7 minutes alone in the room together with me EVERY.  SINGLE.  DAY.

Lucky girl, indeed.

And then really,

after that part of the daily routine was nailed...

it was a...

a free for all!

Until 4:30,

when we'd usually end our day...

by the beach bar,

soaking in the magic light.

Who doesn't love magic?

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